Jewelry Designer Ann Dexter-Jones Brings a Touch of Rock 'n' Roll to L.A.

Ann Dexter-Jones - P 2015
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The British-born designer — mum to Mark, Samantha and Charlotte Ronson and Annabelle and Alexander Dexter-Jones — showcased her badass jewels at a trunk show hosted by Cameron Silver and Irena Medavoy.

As a parent to Grammy Award-winning artist Mark Ronson, singer-songwriter Samantha Ronson, fashion designer Charlotte Ronson, actor-designer Annabelle Dexter-Jones and musician Alexander Dexter-Jones, it doesn't surprise us that Ann Dexter-Jones also possesses her own talent: designing killer jewelry.

Her designs — including oversized bracelets resembling a watch, ID bracelets with inlays of various stones (one marked as "Graveyard" was priced at $2,300) and healing bracelets set with assorted precious stones — were brought to L.A. Wednesday night at a trunk show hosted by Decades vintage boutique founder Cameron Silver (who Dexter-Jones met at an Art Basel dinner last December) and Irena Medavoy (wife to Black Swan producer Mike Medavoy) at the private residence of fashion mogul Florence Azria (wife to fashion mogul Serge Azria).

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With her jewels surrounded by colorful Laudree pastries (by way of Serge, who got back from Paris just the day before), Dexter-Jones was excited to show what she had to offer to Angelenos, including guests jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth, entrepreneur Jennifer Flavin Stallone (Sylvester Stallone's wife) and actress Rosanna Arquette.

"I call my designs rock 'n' roll chic jewels for women and secure men," the designer — clad in a couture jacket from Paris, Charlotte Ronson silk T-shirt, J Brand pants, Saint Laurent boots and her self-designer jewels — told Pret-a-Reporter. "I started with a play off the ID bracelets because when I first came to America, I noticed how sentimental were about the ID bracelets, either from their grandmothers, family, or their first boyfriend, and I felt like a total loser because no one ever gave me one." It wasn't until one year when she went on tour with ex-husband Mick Jones of The Foreigners (also at Wednesday's intimate gathering) in Hong Kong, where she saw little tin ID bracelets, that inspired her to create ID bracelets that would be inlaid with precious stones.

After she started to receive more and more attention for her work (“People kept asking who's they were and I kept saying ‘mine,' and they thought I just wouldn't reveal the designer,” she explained), Dexter-Jones decided to turn her hobby into a business and started her namesake label about five years ago.

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"I'm a one-woman show because at the time, I didn't want anybody involved in case I had to compromise the material. But now I'm looking for a strategic investor," said the radiant British-born, New York-based designer, in between sips of tequila and bite-size smoked salmon on crackers. Luckily, that was the case since one of her most beloved pieces is the "Midnight Hour" bracelet designed to appear similar to a watch.

"I listen to rock 'n' roll music and get inspired, so on the radio came "Wait til the Midnight Hour" and I thought Wilson Pickett. He's larger than life, he's a legend, so I have to do an homage to him," she said, citing The Rolling Stones and her kids, Mark, Samantha and Alexander, among her favorite artists. "It's a bracelet that's always at midnight so you never have to leave the party."

However, there was one famous supermodel who wanted to leave with Dexter-Jones' bracelet watch: Kate Moss. "I was at a wedding in London and she kept asking who designed it and I kept saying it was mine and she thought I wasn't sharing [who the designer was]," shared Dexter-Jones. "Then when I said I designed it myself, she wanted to borrow it. I said, 'After 2 a.m., nobody tries on my jewelry or shoes — I want to go home!' "

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While Dexter-Jones would love to see Hollywood wearing her jewels, don't expect her to be gifting away her gems anytime soon.

"I don't give them away because if I give them away to celebrities — what do I tell my friends or family? Because you're not famous or beautiful enough, I can’t give it to you? That's not nice," she noted. "Otherwise I'd give it to everybody!" 

For those interested in getting their hands on one of Dexter-Jones’ brilliant baubles, you can find them on her website anndexterjones.comNet-a-Porter, Barneys, Maxfield in L.A., Colette in Paris and Matches Fashion in London.