Jewelry Designer Dishes on the $115K Worth of Grills Made for the Biebers

"I actually had no idea that he was going to wear it to his wedding," says Ian Marks (i.e. Gold Teeth God), adding that he made "dainty, diamond teeth; diamond fangs" for Hailey Bieber at the same time.

Justin and Hailey Bieber have put a ring (and plenty of bling) on their relationship, with the diamonds even stretching to their teeth.

In the wake of Justin's unveiling of his new wedding grill Tuesday on Instagram, following the couple’s ceremony in South Carolina, The Hollywood Reporter had an exclusive talk with the jeweler behind the teeth bling.

Ian Marks (a.k.a. Gold Teeth God), a 27-year-old Brentwood native, started making jewelry in 2013. Since then, he has crafted four grills for Bieber — including the latest, composed of five-carat lavender diamonds sourced from Israel that cost a cool $25,000.

"I actually had no idea that he was going to wear it to his wedding," Marks told THR. "I literally had no idea. I thought the grills were just like some party favors he wanted because he was bored. It’s pretty awesome. He shouted me out three or four times."

Added the jeweler: "I guess lavender is one of the colors he likes right now. It’s a natural lavender diamond grill, which is pretty crazy because it’s hard to find diamonds in that color that all match. He called me out of nowhere; I hadn’t spoken to him for a year or two. And he was like, 'Yo, come do the grills.'"






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Marks also shared that he has made some as-yet-to-be-revealed "diamond fangs" for Mrs. Bieber a couple weeks ago: "Hailey got grills from me also, when Justin was getting them. It was a fun activity; I went and met with them and everybody got grills! I don’t know if she’s worn them yet, to be honest."

He described her grills as being like "dainty, diamond teeth; diamond fangs." "They’re like $1,500 a tooth. I feel like it’s more manly to have your whole mouth done with diamonds. The girls often have what Beyoncé has, like the fangs with the bar or one diamond tooth,"  explained Marks.

Two weeks or three weeks before their his-and-hers grills, Marks told THR that Justin ordered "an invisible set grill that is all Princess-cut diamonds." He added, "They’re all really good stones, VS1, amazing color and clarity. That one was $50,000. Previously, he got an all-pink sapphire grill for $17,000, and then an all pavé-white diamond grill that was about $20,000."





@justinbieber rocking his lavender diamond teeth

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Marks (who counts 124,000 followers on Instagram, including Post Malone) has also made grills for Kylie Jenner, Future and a long list of rappers, as well as jewelry for Travis Scott and Rihanna (who has one of his "shark bracelets"). 

"It all started because I love hip-hop," said Marks. "I have clients now like Ty Dolla $ign and YG. I was [personally] buying grills and there was no place in L.A. to get grills unless you wanted to drive 45 minutes to the Slauson Swap Meet. So I said, 'Okay, I’m going to bring this to Beverly Hills and Brentwood!'"

As for his latest star meeting, he said, "Last night, I met Ty in Larchmont in front of Tacos Tu Madre. I thought we would dine and sit down, and we literally sat outside on the street. There was no one around because it was like 10 o'clock at night and I had $200,000 worth of jewelry on a metal table. Ty spent a good amount of money. But I had a body guard with me, obviously, and a driver. So we were good." 

For those looking to bling out their own mouths with diamond fangs and grills, Marks says to DM him on Instagram or to contact him through a form at