The Jewish Board Raises $1.8M, Honors Nancy Shevell McCartney

David Moore, Nancy Shevell McCartney, Jean Troubh and David Rivel -Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services -Getty -H 2019
John Lamparski/Getty Images

McCartney was honored for her work with the organization at their annual spring benefit held at New York's Plaza Hotel.

The Jewish Board on Tuesday hosted its annual spring benefit in New York City’s Plaza Hotel, honoring Trustee David Moore and volunteer Nancy Shevell McCartney, with over 500 guests in attendance, raising more than $1.8 million for its many philanthropic programs. Some of the city’s most notable moguls were in attendance, including Paul McCartney, who was there in support of his wife, Nancy; Elaina Scotto; Brett Yorkmark; and others who have contributed to the board throughout the years.

The Jewish Board offers many community-based services to more than 45,000 New Yorkers of all faiths, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. McCartney joined The Jewish Board in 2013, after visiting the organization's Kaplan House, a residential treatment program that focuses on adolescent men up to the age of 21 who have been part of the foster care system, offering an alternative to traditional family settings by helping them cope with trauma and preparing them for adulthood. During the past six years, McCartney has become largely involved in the program, hosting dinners and events for the young men.

Before receiving her Schiff Community Impact Award, a video was shown of men from the program sharing how much it has impacted their lives, featuring footage of McCartney bonding with them, as well as visits from Paul. Afterwards, three of the Kaplan House young men who McCartney helped took the stage, noting the importance of her work. “From the time you told me to stay in school, stay out of trouble, and you’d always be watching, I knew you cared. I wish there were more people like you in this world,” said Jafu, one of the boys from the House.

Upon receiving the award, McCartney thanked her husband and her son, Arlen, as well as the Kaplan House staff. “I’m always struck by the love that the boys have for the Kaplan House staff, and it feels like the love that they would’ve had saved up for a family member, but the staff becomes their family,” she said. “When you peel away the layers of challenges that these young men face, in their education, a health issue, trying to find a job … they do not have a safety net. When I walk out the door of the Kaplan House, each time it is bittersweet, because I think of my own son and how he was raised. As a volunteer, I hope to spread a bit of love and support to these boys, and show my gratitude to this great organization.”

The Jewish Board also honored Moore, chairman and CEO of Moore Holdings, who raised a significant amount of funds for the organization. In recognition of his contributions, Moore was presented the Saul Z. Cohen Leadership Award. The Jewish Board also gace a special tribute to Jean Troubh, who has spent decades serving the organization.