Jezebel Offers $10,000 for Unretouched Lena Dunham Vogue Photos

Lena Dunham February Vogue Cover - P 2014
Annie Leibovitz

Lena Dunham February Vogue Cover - P 2014

The Gawker-affiliated feminist site insists there are nonphotoshopped versions of the images seen in the fashion bible's February issue.

The feminist site Jezebel is offering $10,000 to anyone at Vogue who will offer nonphotoshopped images of Lena Dunham from the fashion bible's February issue. The Girls creator-star's Vogue cover debuted Wednesday, along with a photo spread, shot by Annie Leibovitz, where she posed along side co-star Adam Driver.

What's the rationale behind Jezebel's offer? The website reasoned, "Lena Dunham is a woman who trumpets body positivity, who's unabashedly feminist, who has said that her naked body is 'a realistic expression of what it's like to be alive' and 'if you are not into me, that's your problem.' "

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The statement went on to say how Vogue has featured Dunham, "who rightfully declares that her appearance, with all of its perceived imperfections, shouldn't be hidden and doesn't need any fixing."

This isn't the first time Jezebel has sought to reveal a magazine's photoshopped subject. In 2007, someone offered up an unretouched photo of Faith Hill's Redbook cover -- one of the bigger moments revealing a before and after image of a photoshopped celebrity on a magazine cover.

Meanwhile, it looks like Jezebel's sister site, Gawker, is also making its own offer -- $50 and a Captain Morgan rum to anyone who will provide a nonphotoshopped photo of a shirtless Driver from Vogue's September issue, where he posed for a photo spread also shot by Leibovitz.