Jian Ghomeshi's Former Moxy Fruvous Bandmate "Stunned and Horrified" by Scandal

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Murray Foster says the fallen Canadian media star gave no warning signs with 1990s rock 'n' roll lifestyle

Canadian director Murray Foster says he was blindsided by former Moxy Fruvous bandmate Jian Ghomeshi's current sex scandal, which has turned into criminal charges.

"I had no knowledge at all of any of these alleged activities," Foster told The Hollywood Reporter at the Whistler Film Festival. Along with Ghomeshi, Mike Ford and David Matheson, Foster formed the 1990s Canadian pop band Moxy Fruvous.

He attended the funeral of Ghomeshi's father two months ago, but Foster said he had no inkling of what was to come Oct. 26 when the CBC fired the former radio host over sexual assault allegations. "I sat at my laptop that week like everyone else stunned and horrified like the rest of Canada, and the rest of the world," he said.

The rock star-turned-director saw his debut feature, The Cocksure Lads, on Saturday night have its world premiere at the Whistler Film Festival. The indie stars Lyndon Ogbourne, best known as bad boy Nathan Wylde in the U.K. soap opera Emmerdale, and follows a British band arriving in Toronto for their first North American tour and within 10 minutes breaking up over a royalties spat.

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They spend the rest of the day drinking, fighting and chasing girls before deciding whether to resolve matters to make their big show that night. Foster said Ghomeshi gave no flashing warning signs during their Moxy Fruvous years as he pursued young women on the road.

"I didn't have a sense of it back then that they (women) were young. I mean, we were young. When you're young, when you're 23, the 21-year-old isn't so bad," he said. "It's much more evident now because there's clearly more of an age difference," Foster said of Ghomeshi, now 46.

The former radio host now faces four criminal charges for sexual assault and a fifth for choking after nine women came forward to Canadian media outlets and the police with allegations of sexual assault and sexual abuse. Ghomeshi was fired by the CBC amid a media storm after he presented evidence to the pubcaster, thought to be texts, emails and videos, to prove he had engaged in aggressive sexual relations with consenting partners.

CBC execs thought otherwise, concluded they had seen "graphic evidence" of physical harm done to an unidentified woman, and dismissed Ghomeshi.