Jiang, Ge are 'Nobles' for Feng


BUSAN, South Korea -- Jiang Wen and Ge You, two of China's biggest actors, will star in director Feng Xiaogang' next movie, "The Nobles," a comedy poking fun at the growing ranks of China's overnight millionaires.

"Jiang will play the nouveau riche guy and Ge You the con artist who scams him for his money," Feng told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, on the eve of the premiere of his anti-war film "Assembly" which opens the 12th Pusan International Film Festival.

Feng said he had delivered them a treatment of the script he wrote himself and hopes to start and finish it in time for release in 2008 around Christmas, a period that in years past has boosted Feng to become China's most bankable director at the boxoffice.

Feng hopes to shoot "The Nobles" in Beijing for about $5 million with Huayi Brother Pictures producing, but he said it might be inconvenient to do so because of the madness that will arrive in the Chinese capital with the Summer Olympics.

Jiang, whose film "The Sun Also Rises" also is at PIFF, is best known in the West for his role opposite Gong Li in "Red Sorghum," and Ge, a longtime Feng collaborator, is China's best-known comic actor.