Jiang Wenli wins SIFF new talent award

Main Jin Jue awards to be presented Sunday night

BEIJING -- Chinese actress-turned-director Jiang Wenli and her debut film "Lan" won the Best Asian New Talent Film award at the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival on Friday.
Jiang is best known outside China for her role as the mother of the lead character (played by the late Leslie Cheung) in director Chen Kaige's film "Farewell My Concubine." Shot by Jiang's husband, cinematographer Gu Changwei, the film won the Cannes Palme d'Or in 1993.
Jiang's film "Lan" is a semi-autobiographical film about a young girl named Lan who lives with her grandfather and dreams of becoming a gymnast, state media reported.
"Director Jiang Wenli shows confidence... painting her film with colors of stunning beauty and an attention to detail that pulls us into the world of little Lan," SIFF jury member Charlie Young said at the ceremony Friday night, according the Xinhua News Agency.
Jiang's SIFF New Talent award came with 150,000 yuan ($21,975) as well post-production services provided by Technicolor Bangkok.
Jiang said "Lan" was a tribute to her childhood and her late grandfather and told the audience Sunday was her 41st birthday: "This is the best birthday present I can think of."
She had previously said "Lan" would be her first and last film because she found directing exhausting, but said Friday she might change her mind.
"Winning this award makes me more confident, and now that I have money, I may continue directing," Jiang said, according to Xinhua.
"Lan" opened in Chinese cinemas on April 2.  Jiang will next star with Zhang Ziyi in Gu's "Life is a Miracle," the first state-approved Chinese film to address the AIDS in the country.
At the seventh edition of the Asian New Talent Awards, a SIFF jury, led by South Korean director Hur Jin-ho, also honored two Korean films and one film from The Philippines.
Director Jung Ki-Hoon was named best director for the mother-daughter movie "Goodbye Mom." The Jury prize went to the Korean film "The Executioner," and "The Pawnshop," from the Philippines, won the Students' Choice award.
SIFF's main Jin Jue awards were set to be given out by a jury led by director John Woo in a closing ceremony Sunday night at the Shanghai Grand Theater.
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