JiFF to open with 'Dreamers'

First Indonesian film to kick off local fest in 11-year history

HONG KONG -- The Jakarta International Film Festival has set "The Dreamers" ("Sang Pemipi") as its opening night gala movie. In its eleventh edition, the festival (Dec 4-12) said this is the first time a local Indonesian film has been selected as its opener.

The picture, directed by Riri Riza, is the sequel to last year's "The Rainbow Troops" ("Laskar Pelangi"), a child-focused movie adapted from the first of a four-part series of novels by Andrea Hirata. "Rainbow Troops" became the biggest Indonesian movie of all time at the Indonesian box office and went on to have a successful international festival career.

"Dreamers," which is still in production in Belitong, Sumatra, is again produced by Mira Lesmana's Miles Films with a screenplay written by Salman Aristo, Riza and Lesmana.

The festival will this year include and expansion of its feature film competition and award a new prize for best Indonesian director.

JiFFest will also host "Misykat: World Muslim Film Festival," a new section that aims to broaden the understanding of general audiences about the lives of Muslims. Misykat, which means 'light' in Arabic, may become a stand-alone festival from next year.