Jillian Bell Shares Embarrassing Justin Timberlake Story on 'Conan'

Courtesy of YouTube/CONAN/TBS

The 'Workaholics' actress met the frequent 'SNL' host, with whom she claims she "was obsessed," while she was working for the sketch comedy show and awkwardness ensued.

Sometimes meeting the object of your obsession doesn't go as smoothly as you'd hope.

Workaholics actress Jillian Bell revealed on Tuesday night's Conan that she used to be "obsessed" with Justin Timberlake and met the frequent Saturday Night Live host while she was working on the NBC sketch comedy show. It was pretty awkward.

Bell said she was writing a sketch with Kristen Wiig when Timberlake walked in. Bell said she knows exactly what date and time Timberlake was born. "I was obsessed," she said. "Yeah, it's weird. It's creepy."

She recalled Wiig and Timberlake talking about how good Wiig's butt looked on a MacGruber poster.

"This is when I'm like, 'Pipe in. Say anything,'" Bell said. "So, they're just like, 'Look at that butt,' and I look up and I go, 'Yeah, put a penis in that butt.'"

She said she immediately looked down after that comment and the reaction in the room was "a polite chuckle, and then a change of subject."

But more awkwardness ensued as Bell eventually asked Timberlake out on a date. Watch below to see how he responded.