Jim Carrey Compares Performing to Being in a "Fugue State": "When I Paint, I'm Being Painted"

"The performance is love," Carrey told the Comedy Actor Roundtable. "It's a dance for me."

Jim Carrey's latest role on Showtime's Kidding is one he confesses wouldn't have been right for him to take on until now. He explained during The Hollywood Reporter's Comedy Actor Roundtable that only now does he understand, "the struggle to maintain your innocence, maintain that wonder and that spark in a world that's seemingly cruel and out of control." Carrey added that he also now gets the "grief aspect" of his role. "How do you keep that together when you've been hit by a freight train? I have, and I know what that's like," he said.

"I don't believe that any actor can really do a part unless that part finds them," he continued. "You don't find parts, they find you. When I paint, I'm being painted," he said of his artistic expression. "It's there to express my truth, and it finds me."

"The performance is love," Carrey told the roundtable. "It's a dance for me."

Jim Carrey has two Golden Globes for his performances on the big screen in The Truman Show and Man on the Moon. He has five additional Globe nominations and an Emmy nomination. He currently stars on Showtime's Kidding. Carrey joined Sacha Baron Cohen, Henry Winkler, Don Cheadle, Ted Danson and Timothy Simons for the Comedy Actor Roundtable. The full roundtable airs June 30 on SundanceTV. Follow all the Emmy season roundtables at THR.com/Roundtables.