Jim Carrey Criticized by Conservative Media for Mocking Charlton Heston, Gun Owners (Video)

Jim Carrey as Lonesome Earl Funny or Die - H 2013
Funny or Die

Jim Carrey as Lonesome Earl Funny or Die - H 2013

Some talk-radio hosts wonder if the comedian has hurt his relationship with his audience with his video mocking Charlton Heston. Fox News host Greg Gutfeld calls Carrey "the most pathetic tool on the face of the earth."

If Jim Carrey was looking for an angry response from the right over his position on guns, then his song and a series of nasty Tweets were a huge success.

Carrey cut a Funny or Die video where he mocks deceased actor and former head of the NRA Charlton Heston, as well as gun owners across America, and the skit has arguably been Topic No. 1 on talk radio this week.

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The video (embedded below), features Carrey as country crooner “Lonesome Earl,” intoning: “Charlton Heston movies are no longer in demand; and his immortal soul may lay forever in the sand; the angels wouldn’t take him up to Heaven like he planned.”

Los Angeles-based KABC talk host Larry Elder excoriated Carrey for his insensitivity to Heston, who, he told his audience, marched with Dr. Martin Luther King and was one of the first in Hollywood to advocate for civil rights for African Americans. Elder, a Libertarian, played clips of a 1963 interview where Heston spoke of the issue at a time when "speaking out meant the artist ran a risk of hurting their career." 

Carrey, he said, runs no such risk as long as he espouses political positions embraced by Hollywood liberals, such as gun control. Still, the radio host wondered aloud whether Second-Amendment advocates and rural audiences in general would purposely shun The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, the movie Carrey is currently starring in with Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi, because of the strident way he pitched his cause.

Radio host and CNN contributor Dana Loesch, meanwhile, has been touting #AnswerTheQuestionJim, where Carrey is being asked to “denounce” the upcoming Kick-Ass 2 for the gun violence it is likely to contain.

Carrey also went on a Twitter rant to promote his Funny or Die video where he called those who disagree with his stance on more gun control “heartless mother%ckers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids.”

Salem Radio host Ben Shapiro likened Carrey to a “bully” whose intent is to intimidate those who don’t share his views, while others raked Carrey over the coals for disparaging legal gun ownership but not violent criminals, per se. Still others accused him of hypocrisy for belittling those who would own guns for self-defense even though he has relied in the past on armed guards for his own protection.

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Perhaps predictable, though, criticism seemed harshest over at the Fox News Channel, where host Greg Gutfeld seemed incensed at Carrey’s attack on Heston, prompting him to call Carrey “the most pathetic tool on the face of the earth – I hope his career is dead.”

See video below.

Carrey, said Gutfeld, “thinks this is biting satire, going after rural America and a dead man.”

Gutfeld, a Libertarian, called Carrey a “modern bigot” and a “moral coward."

“He did a video attacking rural America,” said Gutfeld. “He wouldn’t do a video about gangs, which kill way more people.”

For his part, Carrey has been inundated with tweets from supporters and detractors. A recent tweet from him boasted of 1 million views for his video, while another said he "loves every1 whether we agree or not. Yes, even the MF's!"

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