Jim Carrey Explains Why He Dedicated New Novel to Late Brother

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The actor-comedian also shared fond memories of his sibling, who died of aplastic anemia in 2019.

Jim Carrey dedicated his debut novel and New York Times best-seller Memoirs and Misinformation to his brother, John Carrey, who died in 2019.

On Wednesday’s episode of the Daily Show, the actor, writer and comedian told host Trevor Noah why he decided to devote his book of real and fictional Hollywood encounters to his older sibling, who died of aplastic anemia.

"I wanted to let the world know I had a very special brother," Carrey told Noah.

The Kidding star recalled his brother’s experience with the blood disease. He said John owned the disease "like a champion" throughout his life and never allowed it to limit him. "He was on death’s door from the time he was 4 years old until 60," Carrey said of his brother.

Carrey remembered his brother not only for his strength, but also for the love and support he gave his family.

"He raised a beautiful family, and he created gorgeous, gorgeous opportunities and a beautiful aura around him and his family," he said. "He was a very dedicated father."

The actor also reflected upon moments he shared with John during their youth. Carrey and his brother worked in a factory and would often goof around to keep each other entertained. He recalled his sibling's other notable characteristics, ranging from his kindness to the fact that "he cursed a ton … he broke up words with the F-word."

"He’s just a beautiful person," Carrey said.

Watch the full segment below.