Jim Carrey Sing's Radiohead's 'Creep' (Video)

Jim Carrey
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Carrey appeared onstage in a greenscreen suit that projected images of wolves, water, rocks, dogs humping and clouds, among others.

The actor, who recently released a video love letter to Emma Stone, performed the song in a NYC bar.

As his recent activities have shown, Jim Carrey loves the spotlight. 

The actor made a video declaring his love for The Help star Emma Stone that went instantly viral. In it, he calls the actress "all the way beautiful" and says that if he were younger, he'd marry her.

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Now, another odd video of Carrey is making the rounds. But, instead of professing feelings, this time actor sang for a delighted crowd at Arlene's Grocery, a bar in New York City during the city's annual Fashion Week. 

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His song of choice? A surprisingly good rendition of Radiohead's 1992 hit "Creep".  Carrey seems completely on ease singing as he acts out the emotions of the song for the crowd and dances around on stage. 

Watch the performance below.