Jim Cramer Continues to Backpedal After Calling Speaker Pelosi "Crazy Nancy" in Interview

Nancy Pelosi - Jim Cramer
Michael A. McCoy/Getty Images; John Lamparski/Getty Images

"[Trump] calls other people crazy because he knows he is," the speaker fired back after the remark.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer continued to backpedal Tuesday after he referred to Speaker Nancy Pelosi as "crazy Nancy" during an interview on his show, Mad Money. That is the term President Donald Trump often uses to mock and belittle Pelosi both during rallies and on social media.

"I challenge anyone to listen to the interview and think I wasn't imitating what the president says and how repulsive I find it … I said that three times. I apologized for the implication twice. Who put out the quote without the context? what organization?" he wrote in a tweet.

On his show, Cramer made the comment in the midst of hammering the speaker about stalled talks over a new round of novel coronavirus relief measures. After he made the comment, he stopped and immediately tried to backtrack. “Sorry, that was the president … I have such reverence for the office, I would never use that term.”

Pelosi, stunned, immediately fired back, “But you just did. You just did. Anything the president says is a reflection of his own insecurities. He calls other people crazy because he knows he is. He's a master of projection."

The interview about the actual topic of a new round of coronavirus relief measures continued on cordially.