Jim Parsons pop quiz


Emmy countdown: Jim Parsons

Test your knowledge of Emmy-nominated actor Jim Parsons

1. In his 2002 television debut as State Park Guide Chet on NBC's "Ed," Parsons chats about an inactive volcano with characters Carol and Dennis -- two fellow Emmy nominees. What are the actors' names?

2. Playing a medieval knight by trade in Zach Braff's 2004 film "Garden State," Parsons seduces his more mature girlfriend Carol (Jean Smart) by speaking a fictional language. What was that language?

3. As an over-eager judicial clerk during a seven-episode stint on CBS' "Judging Amy" in 2004, Parsons provides much-needed comic relief to the courtroom drama. What was his character's name?

4. Parsons strikes television gold landing the role of the eccentric academic Sheldon Cooper in "The Big Bang Theory." What is Sheldon's occupation?
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5. The often-humorless Sheldon finally gets animated in a 2009 episode of what Fox comedy series?

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1. Julie Bowen and John Slattery
2. Klingon
3. Rob Holbrook
4. Caltech theoretical physicist
5. "Family Guy"