Jim Romenesko Resigns From Poynter

On the same day that the editor of the Institute publicly criticized his attribution process, the long-time blogger stepped down.

Jim Romenesko resigned from his post at the Poynter Institute on Thursday after recent questions about his use of attribution began plaguing the long-time blogger.

“Poynter has accepted my resignation. Thanks to all for the incredible support today,” he wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

Romenesko, who had been blogging for 12 years, recently came under fire by the Director of Poynter Online and Poynter Publications, Julie Moos, when she wrote a post criticizing Romenesko’s attribution practices.

“I now know that Jim Romenesko’s posts exhibit a pattern of incomplete attribution,” she wrote on Thursday. The post went on to point out that while Romenesko always cites his sources, he does not always put quotes around verbatim language from other writers.

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“One danger of this practice is that the words may appear to belong to Jim when they in fact belong to another,” she added. After the post went up, many spoke out in support of Romenesko, who is often considered a leader in web journalism and news aggregation.

Moos published a post confirming Romenesko’s exit on Thursday. “This was not the transition Jim and I planned during our talks this summer, and it’s not the end I wanted,” she wrote. She added that they will change the name of his longtime blog in the coming days.

Romenesko had been planning a transition into semi-retirement in which he would remain on staff, but would have a reduced role. He had announced plans to commit more time to his own project, JimRomenesko.com, which was set for a January 2012 launch.