Jimmy Buffet Rushed to Hospital After Falling Off Stage

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

The singer was reportedly unconscious for five to 10 minutes, and had a huge gash in his head, according to an Australian concertgoer.

UPDATE: Buffet has been released from the hospital and is "doing well," according to his Margaritaville website.

Jimmy Buffet was rushed to the hospital after falling from an Australian stage Wednesday.

The 64-year-old singer was unconscious for five to 10 minutes and had a large gash in his head, according to a concertgoer interviewed by TMZ.com.

Sean Fogarty, who was sitting in the front row at the show, says that Buffet was performing a solo at the end of the concert when "a huge flash of light" was splashed across the stage for 10 seconds by a lighting person, making it hard to see -- and that caused the fall.

Fogarty says he heard Buffet's head strike metal as he fell off the stage.

Paramedics arrived 15 minutes after he tumbled from the stage.

Doctors have listed him in stable condition, but he will remain hospitalized at St. Vincent's in Sydney for observation.