Jimmy Choo Perfume Confiscated at Arizona Airport for Resembling Grenade

Jimmy Choo eau de parfum

This happened in Arizona: TSA agents confiscated a passenger's clear glass perfume bottle because it looked like a bomb.

Sure, Arizona just killed a law that would have permitted businesses to refuse services based on religious beliefs. But that doesn't mean our neighbors to the east are joining Mensa anytime soon. On Saturday, a TSA agent at Arizona's Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport confiscated a passenger's bottle of Jimmy Choo perfume because it looked like a grenade.

Yes, really. 

Lois Lewis, a band promoter for country acts including The Band Perry and Florida Georgia Line, was preparing to board a flight to Denver, Colo. But upon going through security, she was asked to turn in her ID and the clear, round, beveled bottle containing 2 ounces of perfume so that explosives experts could examine the offending piece.

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"They said if as a passenger you were to get on an airplane and you were to wave this around that people could maybe construe that as you making some sort of a threat," Lewis told AZ Family. "I went from humorous to all right, let's be real. It's perfume."

Lewis bought a new bottle of the scent when she arrived in Denver, but when she returned to Arizona, she realized her bag had been searched and the perfume removed from its plastic wrapping.

Although Lewis appreciates TSA's intention to "protect us," she notes, "I travel a lot, many many flights a year. I have a husband. I want to come home. I want to be safe. But I want to be logical."

Jimmy Choo has yet to respond to Pret-a-Reporter's request for comment.