Jimmy Fallon Makes 2016 Presidential Candidates' Voices Sound Like Pee-wee Herman

Audience Suggestion Box Jimmy Fallon  - H 2016
Courtesy of NBC

The late-night host replaced the voices of Cruz, Trump, Sanders and Clinton.

Jimmy Fallon aims to please. A Tonight Show viewer wrote in to Fallon's suggestion box saying that she's "in a pickle" because she wants to watch the 2016 presidential election coverage but she also wants to watch the new Pee-wee Herman movie on Netflix.

"Can you help?" she implored in her note.

Fallon responded by taking footage of the current 2016 presidential candidates and replacing their voices with Pee-wee Herman-inspired vocals.

"Mexico's going to pay for the wall, and they're going to be happy about it," says Donald Trump in his Pee-wee Herman voice, while Sanders gives a rousing speech with Herman's vocal intonation.