Jimmy Fallon and Alec Baldwin Do Dueling Donald Trump Impressions During "Box of Lies"

"I, myself, would never eat a burrito from China."

Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon both broke out their Donald Trump impressions on Thursday during The Tonight Show's "Box of Lies" game.

As he was finishing up describing the contents of his mystery box, Fallon was the first to impersonate the president, using a Trump voice to describe the olive-filled glove he was holding as "the grossest thing I've ever seen in my entire life."

Baldwin pulled down a box with a Chewbacca mask donning a blond wig. And he went full Trump as he lied about it.

"Jimmy it's a burrito," said Baldwin as Trump. "It's a big fat, juicy banana burrito from Honduras."

Fallon laughed and then drew his lips into a Trump impersonation, asking Baldwin if he was sure the burrito was not from China.

"I, myself, would never eat a burrito from China," said Baldwin. "The Honduran who delivered this burrito here to the studio, we had him deported."

"That sounds like a good idea," responded Fallon's Trump.

During his interview, Baldwin also poked fun at the Ivanka Trump Nordstrom clothing line controversy, saying he was wearing a suit from Ivanka Trump's men's collection at Nordstrom. "They're having a big sale right now, 95% off of everything," he joked.