Jimmy Fallon Skewers GOP Presidential Race, Revives Trump Impression in "Debating Game" Sketch

'Tonight Show' "Debating Game" Sketch - H 2015

'The Tonight Show' host portrayed the Republican front-runner in a 'Dating Game'-inspired bit with people impersonating Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham and Barack Obama.

Just days after interviewing the real Donald Trump, Jimmy Fallon brought back his impression of the Republican presidential candidate in a sketch Tuesday night mocking Wednesday night's GOP debate.

Fallon as Trump faced off against impressions of fellow Republican candidates Jeb Bush, played by Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins, and Lindsey Graham in a Dating Game-inspired sketch in which the three candidates tried to "win the support of one lucky undecided voter."

A President Obama impersonator hosted the game show, declaring that he was presiding over the competition "because frankly I'm over being president."

After introducing the candidates, the fake Democratic president took a few shots at the Republican lineup.

"Wow, these are real people who could one day run this country. Let that sink in for a moment," he said, adding as the game show got underway, "Let's light this dumpster on fire."

Fallon's Trump, Higgins' Bush and the fake Graham fielded questions from Des Moines, Iowa undecided voter, Rachel.

Fallon's Trump started off by dodging Rachel's question about whether he has the experience necessary to lead the country and used the opportunity to talk about one of his favorite subjects: walls, like the one he wants to build between the U.S. and Mexico.

Gesturing to the partition separating Rachel from the candidates, Fallon's fake Trump gushed, "First of all, I gotta say, I love this wall. Isn't it a beautiful wall? it's fantastic. I built this wall. And I got Mexico to pay for it."

Later Fallon's Trump vamped about how he loves the ladies, in response to a question about gender bias and issues affecting female voters.

"I love women. I cherish women. I've married billions and billions of women," Fallon's Trump said. "I think they're fantastic. Gender wise I'd either put them in the top two, maybe three. They're great. Great gender."

Higgins' Bush, meanwhile, seemed like he wanted to be anywhere but there, talking about how he's spontaneous because he sometimes responds to a grocery store cashier's question about paper or plastic bags with, "Surprise me." During that answer, Bush sank lower and lower behind his podium until just his head was peeking over the top.

Higgins' Bush, in keeping with Bush's attempts to distance himself from his brother and former president George W. Bush, also responded to a question about whether he has any siblings with "No, no I do not…only child."

Watch the full sketch below and see who Rachel picks, even though, as she said, "it goes against every rational thought in my head."