Jimmy Fallon Belts it Out With Billy Joel (Video)


Also on the late night shows, Don Cheadle chats with Jimmy Kimmel and Shailene Woodley tells Seth Meyers what advice she's gotten from Jennifer Lawrence.

Jimmy Fallon took a double heaping of Billy Joel duets on NBC's The Tonight Show on Thursday.

First, the host and the music legend formed a two-man doo-wop group on "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" thanks to an iPad looping app. Later, Fallon crawled all over Joel's piano during his musical performance.


On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Thursday's segment of the ever-popular Lie Witness News mixed up the buzz words of the day, including "Ukraine, Crimea, vernal Equinox, Lululemon," as Jimmy Kimmel sent a reporter out to Hollywood to ask some very confusing questions -- prompting even more ridiculous answers.

Later, guest Don Cheadle shed light on the hit Budweiser Super Bowl commercial featuring "Ian Up For Whatever," revealing the surprise star, "thought he was being interviewed for a job and they took him in for that whole experience," said the House of Lies actor, who appeared in an elevator with a llama in the ad. "This llama was nice until it got a little later, then Lily got a little ornery and vicious. She had actually killed a sheep before, so she is an evil llama. I wanted to eat her."

Late Night With Seth Meyers featured Divergent star Shailene Woodley on the eve of the movie's nationwide opening, where she revealed how even though she's not yet met Jennifer Lawrence, she had gotten some essential advice from her in an email. "She replied: 'Don't do anything stupid. Don't do drugs. Don't make a sex tape.'"