Jimmy Fallon Chips Tooth While Trying to Treat Injured Finger


The 'Tonight Show' host adds to an injury-plagued summer and updates fans with a selfie from the dentist's chair.

Still recovering from a serious finger injury in June, Jimmy Fallon hurt another body part on Friday while trying to treat the aforementioned digit.

The Tonight Show host announced the new wound on Instagram, posting a selfie from the dentist's chair and writing, "Chipped front tooth trying to open tube of scar tissue repair gel for recovering finger injury. Thank you Dr. Jobe DDS! #BestSummerEver"

Fortunately for Tonight Show fans, Fallon already taped Friday night's new show, and his chipped tooth isn't expected to affect production, a source close to the situation tells The Hollywood Reporter. Still, the show already was scheduled to be in reruns all next week.

At the end of June, Fallon was forced to cancel a Friday-night taping after he hurt his hand that morning and had to have surgery.

He tweeted a quick explanation of his injury that night: "Tripped and caught my fall (good thing)! Ring caught on side of table almost ripped my finger off (bad thing)."

When he returned to the air after a previously scheduled two-week break, Fallon elaborated on his ordeal, explaining that he nearly had to have his finger amputated after suffering "ring avulsion" when he tripped, fell and caught himself with his left hand, snagging his ring on the countertop and causing his finger to go "sideways."

He had six hours of surgery and spent 10 days in the ICU. He told viewers that he wouldn't get feeling back in that finger for eight weeks.

Fallon has been sporting a bandage around the ring finger on his left hand since then.

Friday's Tonight Show is set to feature appearances by Jason Schwartzman, Tatiana Maslany and magician Dan White, as well as another edition of the recurring "Thank You Notes" segment.

Read Fallon's Instagram post below.

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