Dog Whisperer Works Magic on Jimmy Fallon's New Pup (Video)

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Cesar Millan - H 2012

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Cesar Millan - H 2012

Cesar Millan talks about his new show, training techniques and wanting to become "the best dog trainer in the world" all the while holding Fallon's adorable puppy Gary.

Renowned dog whisperer Cesar Millan was on Jimmy Fallon’s show Monday to promote his Nat Geo Wild series Leader of the Pack, but Fallon had some other plans for the canine communicator.

He just couldn't resist bringing his Golden Retriever puppy Gary on for some guidance. 

“Eliminate the excess amount of excitement,” Millan advised him about raising a puppy in a chotic environment like New York City. “Excitement and sound really only creates an excited state of mind. What I always teach people is how to be calm. A dog becomes what the environment is.” 

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Millan didn’t demonstrate many techniques, but he did hold Gary and show the proper way to hold a dog so the dog will remain calm. Fallon was amazed. 

“Already she’s calmed down. You tranquilized her,” Fallon said.

Millan, who came over from Mexico at 21, knew he wanted to be the best dog trainer in the world since he was 13. Today, some of his clients include Jada Pinkett Smith, Oprah, Denise Richards, and Kathy Griffin.

Leader of the Pack, a 12-part series, takes abandon dogs across Europe and Millan works to rehabilitate them. Then, families from UK, Italy and the Netherlands are evaluated through a series of competitions to decide which is the best match for the different dogs. The series will air January 2013. Millan also has an hour long biopic, Cesar Millan: The Real Story, that will air Nov. 25 on Nat Geo Wild.