Jimmy Fallon Is No Match for Gal Gadot in "Box of Lies"

She is rewarded with an interpretive Wonder Woman dance.

It was game on for Gal Gadot and Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday as the two faced off in The Tonight Show's "Box of Lies" game.

Gadot's first selection was a cat waving its hand with a "cats rule" glove on. She chose instead to describe a plastic elephant with a moving trunk.

"I don't see why you would be lying about that," said Fallon, guessing that she was telling the truth and then getting fake-mad when he found out he was wrong.

Fallon's box contained a pineapple with a beanie and pierced plastic ears on it. He stared at it contemplating what to do.

"You don't know if you should lie about it since it's such a good thing or if you should go for it right?" asked Gadot. Fallon decided to lie, talking about Cabbage Patch dolls, a toy Gadot was not familiar with. "You don't have that in Israel?" Fallon asked incredulously.

Gadot wiped the floor with Fallon, catching him in his lie and tricking him with her mixture of truth-telling and lies. As her reward, Tonight Show writer Seth Herzog performed an interpretive dance in a Wonder Woman outfit.