Jimmy Fallon Says "Only Me and Russian Hackers" Know Who He Plans to Target at This Year's Golden Globes

Jimmy Fallon and Matt Lauer — H 2017
Courtesy of 'Today'

"By the way I heard that Trump will be live-tweeting during the show — '#unfunny,' I know," said the 'Tonight Show' host and emcee for Sunday's awards show.

Jimmy Fallon has been making the rounds talking about his upcoming hosting gig at the Golden Globes this Sunday, and on Thursday he sat down with both Matt Lauer and Ellen DeGeneres to talk about the big night.

On Today, Fallon reiterated what he told The Hollywood Reporter about how he wants to stress fun and not be too insulting or edgy in his jokes during the Jan. 8 telecast. "I hit everybody equally in a more fun way," said Fallon. "We're in the entertainment industry. This should be entertaining."

When Lauer asked him to share his "juiciest target," Fallon responded by joking, "That's classified. Only me and Russian hackers know who I'm gonna hit. 

"By the way, I heard that Trump will be live-tweeting during the show — '#unfunny,' I know," Fallon added, when Lauer brought up the show's proximity to Trump's inauguration.

Lauer then asked if he was planning on using political humor throughout the show.

"It's not heavily political," Fallon said. "You know, none of my stuff is that political. There's other ways to be creative with that." The Tonight Show host said he wants to keep the attention on the people being honored. "I think the job of the host of these shows is to come out with some fun opening, have some jokes and then just kind of, 'Let's go!'" 

He then played "Who the heck said that" — guessing whether past Golden Globe hosts Ricky Gervais, Amy Poehler or Tina Fey, or Trump, said the quote Lauer read.

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Fallon teased that he has "a really fun opening" planned, and while he doesn't want to give away spoilers, did say that he has multiple cameos planned for the welcome bit.

"Everyone usually in that room is drunk," said DeGeneres. "Even people that don't drink," Fallon joked.

Fallon also played a Golden Globes edition of "Speak Out," stretching his mouth out for the trendy new game and saying things like, "Why is this show so long?" and "I thought Tina and Amy were hosting!" At the end of the game DeGeneres gave him a kiss.

Watch below.

The 74th annual Golden Globe awards air Sunday, Jan. 8 at 7 p.m. ET on NBC.