Jimmy Fallon Tries on Padded Suit, Explains Chipped Tooth on 'Ellen'

Jimmy Fallon on 'Ellen' - H 2015
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

The 'Tonight Show' host talked about his injury-filled summer and offered an update on his hurt finger in an appearance on the Friday daytime show, which DeGeneres taped from New York.

After a summer in which Jimmy Fallon nearly had to have his finger amputated and chipped his tooth, Ellen DeGeneres has the perfect present to keep the Tonight Show host from hurting himself again.

Fallon was a guest on Friday's episode of Ellen, which this week DeGeneres taped in New York City for the first time since 2007. During his appearance, DeGeneres gave him a padded top designed to look like a suit coat, button-down shirt and tie, as well as Mickey Mouse-like gloves to protect his hands and a helmet with a wig on it, all of which Fallon tried on, dancing around a bit once he was in the full ensemble.

"No one will even know that I'm not wearing my normal suit," Fallon joked.

The Tonight Show host also gave an update on his hurt finger, which is still recovering after he had to have surgery and spent 10 days in the ICU when he caught his wedding ring on the edge of a table.

"I'm doing physical therapy now," Fallon said, "I'm thinking probably by the new year [it'll be healed]." Fallon previously told Tonight Show viewers that it would take him eight weeks from his injury at the end of June to get feeling back in his finger.

Fallon also told the story behind the second injury he suffered this summer, a chipped tooth, which he incurred trying to treat his hand.

The Tonight Show host explained that he went home after taping his show and put his pajamas on, joking that he wears a giant sleeping cap and silky nightgown, and went to open a tube of stuff to put on a scar on his hand.

"It's one of these tubes that you open up but you also have to cut the end off with scissors or a knife," Fallon said. "I don't have scissors or a knife, so I go, 'I'll just bite it off with my teeth. So I bite it and my tooth chips in half."

When he took his tooth out and went in to show his wife, she was already asleep but he joked he heard her whisper, "Divorce."