Jimmy Fallon Interviews Bryan Cranston in a Bathtub on 'Tonight Show'

Bryan Cranston on Fallon Tonight Show - H 2016
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Cranston got in the tub Friday to honor his 'Trumbo' namesake.

Jimmy Fallon and Bryan Cranston left the typical late-night desk interview behind on Friday night in favor of a nice, relaxing bath. 

In order to honor screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, who Cranston plays in the biopic Trumbo, Fallon invited the actor to join him for most of the interview in a bathtub on stage. The real Trumbo was known for writing in the tub. 

Cranston, who is nominated for an Oscar for Trumbo, explained to Fallon that he's mostly excited about his nomination because "you get a card to the clubhouse and you get pool privileges and you can cut in line for the slide."

Fallon asked if he wanted to practice his speech before Oscar night, and Cranston decided to give a brief preview of it: "If I don't get a chance," Cranston said, "I would just like to thank Jay Roach, our director, and our producers for Trumbo. It's been an exceptional year." But The Roots cut him off and Fallon physically pulled him off the stage before he could finish. 

Fallon showed a picture of the real Dalton Trumbo in a bath, and Cranston explained that "he was hunched over his typewriter so much that he got a chronic back problem," adding that doctors advised Trumbo to take a bath every day, and he "did some of his best work in the bathtub."

"I think I'm getting a vibe from you," Fallon said. "The interview is going great so far, but I think you want to take it to another level," Fallon added, inviting Cranston to join him for his "first-ever bathtub interview."