Jimmy Fallon Plays Matthew McConaughey's "Worst Student" in College Sketch

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON -Episode 1152 -Jimmy Fallon and actor Matthew McConaughey- Publicity-H 2019
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Fallon took a class taught by the actor and University at Texas professor during Thursday's episode of 'The Tonight Show.'

Matthew McConaughey got a new student during Thursday's episode of The Tonight Show.

The actor currently works as a professor at the University at Texas in the institution's Department of Radio-Television-Film. He teaches a Script to Screen film production class for which he developed the course curriculum.

The pre-recorded segment opened with Jimmy Fallon walking into the lecture hall. McConaughey instructed his new student, who was wearing a Yankees baseball cap, to come back with the proper hat. Fallon soon returned to the room wearing the university's cap.

As McConaughey explained the premise of the class to Fallon, the late-night host pulled out a number of objects from his backpack, including a mini cooler, a container of pencils, a sharpener and a notebook. The bag also featured a pin that read McConaughey's catchphrase "Alright, alright, alright."

Fallon soon raised his hand and asked if they could have class outside. "I think everyone here would love it," he said as he looked around the empty room.

As the professor explained that the class would look at how certain script changes are made and break down scenes from a movie, Fallon noisily opened a food container and enthusiastically ate a gummy worm. "I like to eat the worms like a fish," he explained.

"Why don't we skip all of this and jump straight into the final project? Just write down five things that you may remember me saying in the last five minutes. If you get three out of five, you will pass this class," said the professor. "And then you can leave this class and not come back ever again."

When Fallon continued to show a lack of interest in the class, McConaughey walked up to the student's desk and began to pack up his belongings, as he stated that he earned a C. When Fallon said that he could have done better, McConaughey responded, "You passed. You do not need to come back to class ever again, Mr. Jimmy Fallon."

"You are, in fact, easily the worst student I've ever had," McConaughey continued, before he suggested that Fallon pursue a musical career.

The segment then cut to the live show, where McConaughey introduced Fallon before the host led the audience in a performance of the university's school spirit song, "The Eyes of Texas."

Watch the full segment below.