Jimmy Fallon Is No Match for Halle Berry in Box of Lies

Courtesy of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon play Box of Lies.

The movie star used her acting skills to her benefit to beat the 'Tonight Show' host at his own game.

Halle Berry went three for three in a Box of Lies face-off with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Wednesday night.

She chose to ignore her first item — a birthday cake made of CDs — and told her opponent her box contained "a stuffed animal of some sort."

"Now this is not the first time I've played this game," Fallon said. "You tell the truth!" he declared, losing round one.

For his turn, Fallon chose box No. 5, containing what he described as "a pencil sharpener type of thing where you put the pencils … or pretzel sticks in a dude's mouth."

Berry responded with a laugh and a very confused look. After her round of questions, she guessed Fallon was telling the truth, winning her the second point in the game.

For the last round, Berry's box held a small dry cleaner filled with random figurines to which Fallon said, "I don't even want to hear any more."

"I think I can make my decision because you're pretty good," he told Berry. "You lie!"

Wrong again for Fallon, gaining Berry wins for all three rounds and making her the current Box of Lies champion.

Watch the full game below.