Jimmy Fallon and Jada Pinkett Smith Play Catchphrase With Rita Ora and Dane DeHaan

Courtesy of NBC
From left: Jada Pinkett Smith, Rita Ora, Dane De Haan and Jimmy Fallon

"C'mon, shake your body, baby, do the ..." Fallon said, as Smith guessed "Rumba."

The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon seemed to be having fun teaming up with Jada Pinkett Smith to play a game of catchphrase against Dane DeHaan and Rita Ora on Tuesday night.

The first round went to Ora and DeHaan after Fallon tried desperately to get Smith to guess "conga line." 

"C'mon, shake your body, baby, do the ..." he said, as Smith guessed "Rumba."

"I know the moves, I just don't know what it's called," laughed Smith when Fallon teased her about getting it wrong. The next round had guesses about French kissing, a nude beach and seesaw.

"You wrap it in newspaper and you eat it," said Ora when describing "fish and chips" for the final round. When her partner DeHaan tried to describe "taste buds," though, it was all over. Ora got stuck on diseases and kept rattling them off until the buzzer sounded.