Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Jimmy Fallon Mock NBC in 'Jersey Shore' Spoof (Video)

NBCUni president and CEO Steve Burke also makes a cameo in a video that ends with a catfight.

Jimmy Fallon made digs at his parent company NBC in a hilarious Jersey Shore spoof that aired Thursday on Late Night.

In the clip -- watch below -- Fallon and his show staff find an elevator that takes them to "Jersey Floor." What happens there? "Your hair is awesome. You are super tan, and your clothes are just amazing!" Fallon -- dressed up as The Situation -- enthuses to the camera.

On "the floor," Fallon encounters Saturday Night Live's Abby Elliott, who plays a version of Sammi "Sweetheart" named Abby Lovebug and Rachel Dratch, who parodies Snooki as "Drootchie."

"When we're on the floor, we do everything we love to do. We nail chicks. We drink beers. We go to the club. NBC baby -- that's how we roll!" says Fallon.

Fallon and his buddies then "lube the peacock," causing Elliott to bemoan, "Well, someone put sexual lubricant on the telephone."

The camera then flashes to new NBC Universal president and CEO Steve Burke standing on a normal floor of NBC with Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler and 30 Rock's Tina Fey.

"30 Rock and Parks and Rec are two of my favorite shows!" he enthuses of the critically acclaimed but low-rated series, before sending them on the elevator to the Jersey Floor. (Jersey Shore has been a ratings juggernaut for MTV.)

"The new NBC, nowhere to go but up!" says Fey, flashing a thumbs up.

They emerge on the floor with frosted lipstick, teased hair, skin-tight dresses (despite Fey's growing pregnant belly) and over-the-top accents, and hit the club with Fallon.

"Let's have a relationship," Poehler says while dancing. "I wanna make babies with you," Fey tells Fallon. His response? "I don't know these girls. They were kind of weird, like they needed to see a brain doctor or something."

The "stalker bugle" is played, and they all exit the club -- but not before Drootchie instigates a catfight with Poehler and Fey that includes lots of bleeped out f-words, Fey screaming, "I will punch you in the tit!" and hair extensions being pulled out.