Jimmy Fallon's Trump Chooses Teen Impersonator as His VP

Screenshot/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

"The only person good enough to be my vice president is me."

There has been rampant speculation on who Donald Trump will select as his running mate, but Jimmy Fallon has his own idea of who's right for the job.

Fallon brought out his Trump impersonation on Wednesday and — dressed as Trump — said, "The only person good enough to be my vice president is me."

Fallon's Trump continued, "That's why 14 years ago I created a clone of myself."

Fallon introduced Jack Aiello, the 14-year-old who went viral with his presidential candidate impressions he recently performed at his eighth grade graduation.

"We have the same size hands," joked Aiello, aka Little Donald, as Fallon's Trump dubbed him.

Fallon's Trump suggested they prank call Hillary Clinton pretending to be Bernie Sanders and vice versa.

"Is your refrigerator running?" Aiello said in his spot-on Sanders impression. "Well, so am I! And I am never, ever dropping out." Then came his Clinton impersonation. "I was going to email you, but before I pressed send, I accidentally deleted it."

Where did Aiello learn his impressions? Trump University, naturally, he joked.