Jimmy Fallon, Marco Rubio Compare Their Heeled Boots

Marco Rubio Tonight Show - H 2016
The Tonight Show/YouTube

"I only wear them on weekends," the Florida senator joked.

GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio says his infamous heeled boots are now in an "undisclosed location."

Appearing on The Tonight Show on Thursday, the 44-year-old Florida senator joked about his choice of footwear with Jimmy Fallon, as it has recently become a topic of conversation after Rubio was photographed wearing a pair of heeled black boots. 

"I need a backup pair," Rubio joked when Fallon showed that he was sporting the same style of boot. "I only wear them on weekends." 

Fallon told Rubio he didn't know what the big deal was about the boots having heels. "These are great boots, by the way," the talk show host added. 

Fallon then reminisced about his SNL days when he and Will Ferrell would wear zipper boots, which he claimed Ferrell loved. 

But it wasn't all boot gossip, Rubio also talked about when he asked his wife to marry him while they were on top of the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day in 1997.

Rubio told Fallon he chose the location because his wife loves Sleepless in Seattle; at the time, he told her that he wanted to go to the top because he loved King Kong films. 

"I was afraid she was going to drop the ring off the side ... so I grabbed the ring back, and I gave it back to her when we got to the bottom," Rubio said.