Jimmy Fallon Plays Beto O'Rourke, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in "You Need to Calm Down" Parody

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON - Episode 1089 -You Need To Calm Down -parody-H 2019
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

In 'The Tonight Show' parody, Fallon embodied the politicians during the Democratic debates, set to the tune of Taylor Swift's latest song.

Jimmy Fallon gave Taylor Swift's pride-inspired song "You Need to Calm Down" a political twist on Thursday's episode of The Tonight Show.

The parody opened with Fallon sitting in front of a mirror in his dressing room. The host put on a wig that resembled Beto O'Rourke's hair as the tune began to play.

"Hola, mi amigos. I am Beto/Always look like I drank 10 espressos/And people are like, 'Damn, why is he moving his hands?'" sang Fallon as he animatedly spoke with his hands. He continued to sing: "I'm gonna beat Trump/I can't calm down."

After Fallon realized that O'Rourke's numbers were down, he took off the wig and put on a white one with a receding hairline and glasses to embody Bernie Sanders.

As Sanders, Fallon spoke about how he had not changed since the 2016 election. "If you think that I changed, do not worry/Want free healthcare and a comb for my hair," he said loudly. Then: "They say I'm too loud/But I am upset about college debt/So yes, I am loud."

Then Fallon took off the glasses and replaced his wig with a blond one. He happily stared at the mirror as he got into character as Donald Trump.

"Can't believe I stayed up for the debates/Just to watch 20 losers and lightweights/When we all know it'll be sleepy Joe," he said. "I want to tweet now/I keep getting blocked, but I'm loaded and I'm cocked/I'm gonna tweet now."

Fallon then hunched over his phone to compose a tweet before a Tonight Show staff member interrupted the parody to warn him that the live show was about to begin.

The host concluded the parody as himself. "We've got a great crowd/From NYC, Studio 6B," he sang as the dressing room walls tore apart to reveal the audience behind him.

Watch the full parody below.