Jimmy Fallon Reveals He Had Another, "Hopefully Last" Surgery on Finger

Fallon_Surgery - H 2017

The 'Tonight Show' host had the intricate procedure while the program was on a two-week break and was still sporting a bandage around the digit on Tuesday night.

More than two years after suffering a gruesome hand injury, Jimmy Fallon is still recovering from the incident.

The Tonight Show host revealed on Tuesday's episode, the first new installment for the NBC late-night program since Aug. 18, that he had yet another surgery on his finger, "hopefully the last one," he said.

Before that, Fallon joked, "If you're just tuning in, this isn't a repeat." He wore a bandage around his finger for weeks two years ago, after the initial injury.

Fallon was still sporting a bandage around his left ring finger but said he'd been wearing a giant cast for two weeks.

He explained that his finger had been "drooping" from the initial accident. So his doctor took a tendon and fat from his wrist and cartilage from his rib and inserted that in his finger.

Fallon said the rib surgery was the worst, explaining it as a six-hour procedure that left him hurting every time he laughed or breathed.

He also shared that while his kids didn't sign his cast because they were too young to understand what that means, he ran into Howard Stern while wearing the cast and the talk-radio host gently teased him for not having any friends to sign his cast.

Stern also adorned Fallon's empty cast with a signature and self-portrait.

The late-night host, who said his doctor took his cast off Tuesday morning, showed a picture of himself with the doctor and thanked all of those who helped him at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Watch Fallon tell the full story below.