Jimmy Fallon: Shaun White Bashes Sochi, LeBron James Shoots Paper Baskets (Video)

The snowboarder recalled tales of half-built houses and halfpipe disappointments, while NBA champion James rapped and tossed rolled up paper.

Jimmy Fallon had a pair of former Olympic gold-medal winners on The Tonight Show on Thursday.

Snowboarding champion Shaun White didn't have the smoothest ride at the Olympics earlier this month, however, and he recalled the bad memories from his bumpy trip with Fallon.

Expecting to win two medals, he came away empty-handed after first pulling out of the slopestyle competition and then coming in a disappointing fourth place in the halfpipe.

But before any of the drama on the slopes, he had to deal with a construction nightmare, he told Jimmy. "When we got to the house, the whole left side wasn't there," he revealed. "We were told, 'Don't worry, it will snow and you wouldn't notice,'" he said in a bad Russian accent.

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With hotel horrors popping up all over Sochi, White said: "I heard some stories. A lot of the guys were at the [Olympic] village and taking showers; this one snowboarder took an extra long shower -- who knows what he was up to -- and the whole floor flooded and dripped on the bobsledders' beds. They were out at practice and came back to find a monsoon." 

"So I am glad to be back!" he announced.

When asked about his lack of success after being the most highly-touted athlete going into the games, White revealed: "It was a tough set up. The pipe was pretty unrideable for three days, just the snow conditions [were bad]. They had a fire hose and tried to ice it down, I have never seen that."

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"I am a competitive person -- in any scenario I do I want to succeed, so it was a tough night."

Earlier in the night, Fallon had another Olympian on the show as 2012 basketball gold medal-winner (and NBA champion) James came on to play "waste paper basketball."

Fallon combined the office-style game with a 90s-style rap, before James came in to join in both the dance and the game -- much to the annoyance of their boss.

Watch video of the pair "balling" below: