Jimmy Fallon Sings 'Let It Go' As Vladimir Putin (Video)


The "Tonight Show" host has a fictitious phone call with President Obama as the Russian leader.

Jimmy Fallon once again brought out his impersonation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and this time he had backup.

The Tonight Show Host was joined by a President Barack Obama impersonator to help him create an imaginary phone call in which the world leaders butted heads about Putin's occupation of Crimea. Obama says Putin is forcing people to accept something they don't want. Putin countered: "In Russia we have word for this. Obamacare." The pair topped off their call by singing "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen.

Over on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, God stopped by to share his thoughts on the claim by Harvard physicists that they have proven the big bang theory.

Later, Seth Meyers went total fanboy as he welcomed Game of Thrones star Lena Headey to Late Night.

"Come for the incest, stay for the dragons," Meyers said in a pitch to the audience to watch the HBO hit.

What were your favorite late night TV moments from Wednesday?

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