Jimmy Fallon Tries Out His Trump Impression on Ted Cruz

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
Jimmy Fallon and Ted Cruz

Fallon called Cruz to discuss his "New York values."

Ted Cruz received a special call from none other than Donald Trump (played by Jimmy Fallon) on Thursday's Tonight Show. 

"Congratulations. You've just been called by Donald Trump," said Fallon, who called Cruz to discuss Thursday's Democratic debate and give a practice interview for Cruz's appearance on The Tonight Show. Cruz joked that he was in the middle of watching The Princess Bride for the 843rd time and Fallon proceeded to tell Cruz about Hillary Clinton's performance during the debate. 

"You're missing some great stuff," said Fallon in character as the Republican candidate. "They just nailed Hillary for flip-flopping on trade. She was going back and forth. This way and that way. It was like watching her swipe a Metrocard at the subway."

Trump then offered to give Cruz a practice interview before his Tonight Show interview, asking Cruz a series of questions about his candidacy including his win in Colorado, immigration and his controversial comments on "New York values." 

"Look, Donald, I’m not going to pander to New Yorkers," said Cruz. "I love New York City. It is the greatest city in the world with the best-looking audiences in the world, so when I said 'New York values,' I was merely trying to say that I value New York — except I was saying it backwards, the way Yoda would say it."

When Trump offered to give Cruz tips on staying in New York, Cruz pretended to put down the phone to get a pen, but instead poured himself a stiff drink before returning to the line.

Watch the video below, which ends with Fallon lip-synching to Rihanna's "Work" as Trump.