Jimmy Fallon's Emmy pop quiz

The Emmy host talks Tequiza and Eddy Grant

1) Which Emmy nominee would be the best beer pong teammate?

Definitely Jane Lynch. I'm not sure if she's any good at beer pong, but I know she could smack-talk the other team into submission.

2) How much would we have to pay you to do your Emmy monologue in a Sue Sylvester tracksuit?

Too late. Already doing it.

3) What would your "American Idol" audition song be?

I have a protest song called "Pants on the Ground." Has that been done already?

4) If you were on "Mad Men," what would be your go-to cocktail?

Probably a Tequiza, because they didn't have those back then and everyone would think I was from the future.

5) If you were a "shapeshifter" on "True Blood," what animal would you turn into?

I was just watching "Shark Week," so I'd probably be a shark on one of those shows. They got it pretty good. Free food, you get to be on TV. What's not to like?

6) True or false: Betty White could take you in an arm wrestling match.

False. Not again, anyway.

7) If you competed on "The Amazing Race," who would your partner be?

My wife (producer Nancy Juvonen) because we have a pact: Never fight on camera.
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8) If you had multiple personalities like Toni Collette's character on "United States of Tara," who would they be?

There'd be Brian, Ryan and Ian. Brian and Ryan wouldn't like Ian because he'd insist on pronouncing his name "Eee-an" instead of "Eye-an." Also, he'd always call Brian and Ryan "Bree-an" and "Ree-an," just to piss them off. There would be a lot of inner turmoil. But at the end of the day they'd find a way to resolve it, because they all had to run a restaurant together.

9) Who should "Glee" devote an entire episode to?

Eddy Grant. Let's see how many different versions of "Electric Avenue" they can do.

10) Explain the "Lost" finale.

Mama-se, mama-sa, mama-ku-sa.