Watch Jimmy Kimmel Combat "Wobbly Tables" with PSA Starring Jeremy Lin and Dikembe Mutombo

"Make the table stable."

Jimmy Kimmel teamed up with current and former NBA stars Jeremy Lin, Nick Young and Dikembe Mutombo to tackle one of the world's "most pernicious and under-addressed problems" — wobbly tables.

The basketball players filmed the fake PSA ahead of the Golden State Warriors finals win on Tuesday. "When I'm out eating a mini panini or a zesty corn fritter, there's one thing that can ruin my meal: a wobbly table," says Young.

"Wobbly tables are the worst," agrees Mutombo.

"How did all your tables get so wobbly anyway?" asks Lin. "Did someone break into your restaurant and steal one foot off every table?" says Mutombo. The athletes, Kimmel and NBA director of officials Don Vaden, all agree. Restaurant owners need to make their tables stable.