Jimmy Kimmel Congratulates New Rival Jimmy Fallon on 'Tonight Show' Transition

Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Fallon 2011 Emmys - H 2013
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Fallon 2011 Emmys - H 2013

The ABC host and avowed Leno-hater tweeted out a warm message to the man against whom he will soon be facing off every night at 11:35.

There is likely no one as excited about the Tonight Show transition news as Jimmy Fallon himself, but it stands to reason that Jimmy Kimmel is a close second.

The host of ABC's late-night entry Jimmy Kimmel Live! tweeted his well-wishes to the officially named future host of Tonight on Wednesday, writing, "congratulations to my dear, sweet @jimmyfallon - a formidable rival and an incredible lover."

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Kimmel, whose show began broadcasting at 11:35 in January, has long been publicly critical of Leno, whom he has hated since the now-departing host earned the Tonight Show job over David Letterman -- Kimmel's hero -- in 1992. He also harbors resentment over Leno's flirtation with ABC, which included befriending Kimmel, before deciding to stick with NBC.

Speaking of Leno's comedy act, Kimmel told Rolling Stone in January, "As a comedian, you can't not have disdain for what he's done. He totally sold out. He was a master chef who opened a Burger King."

More recently, he told CNN that he would be happy to be the reason Leno lost his program.