'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Crashes Donald Trump Rally

Jake Byrd - H 2015.jpg
Courtesy of ABC

Jake Byrd trolls Trump supporters.

Jimmy Kimmel Live sent Anthony Barbieri to reprise his celebrity-loving character Jake Byrd at a Donald Trump rally in Dallas, Texas.

Jake Byrd wore a "Make America Great Again" cowboy hat and trolled the fervent Trump supporters, one of whom compared his relationship to Trump to his relationship to Jesus Christ. Byrd passed out "Trump stamps," read passages from Trump's Art of the Deal and talked strawberry margaritas.

He also got one woman to talk about how she's D.T.F. — Donald Trump Forever. At the end of the clip Byrd shouts at Trump from inside the arena and when Trump talks about repealing Obamacare he enthusiastically yells, "No more medicine for us!"