Jimmy Kimmel Conducts Poll: "Donald Trump Is the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to ... ?"

Courtesy of ABC

In the video, the most popular answer is: "America."

Donald Trump recently told Barbara Walters that he is the worst thing that's ever happened to ISIS. Jimmy Kimmel decided to find out if people on the street agreed with Trump.

Kimmel's team ran around with a microphone, asking people to fill in the blank, prompting them with: "Donald Trump is the worst thing that ever happened to ... " When Kimmel introduced the clip, he said, "Let's see how long it will take before someone says ISIS."

The majority of the people in the video replied by saying, "America," with many responses going wider to include mankind, the world, Earth, humanity and the universe. There were a few other responses, like "Twitter," "Saturday Night Live" and "Mexicans," as well as one man who said, "Donald Trump is a great man."

Finally, a man and woman came to "ISIS" as a response, with a little bit of coaching.