Jimmy Kimmel Explains Matt LeBlanc Isn't Mad at Him Over Emmys Bit

Phil McCarten/Invision/AP
Jimmy Kimmel

Twitter users blasted the talk show host for "rude" presentation.

No, Matt LeBlanc and Jimmy Kimmel do not have a beef over the Emmys, despite the one-finger salute the former Friends star gave the talk show host in a picture posted to social media from the event Sunday night. 

Kimmel presented Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, but before he announced the winner -- Jeffrey Tambor -- Kimmel joked that he could say LeBlanc won for his nominated role in Episodes, and no one would be the wiser. Kimmel then proceed to cut out and eat the name on the card. After he returned to his seat, this picture was taken of the pair.

Kimmel was subsequently berated on Twitter for, according to critics, being rude. 

"Some people on Twitter are not what you would call sophisticated," Kimmel said. "A lot of them believed that Matt was really mad at me." 

One person tweeted at Kimmel: "You earned Mr. LeBlanc's response. Straight-up rude is never funny, it's just cheap, ask your mom." 

Kimmel used the topic as a transition into his enormously poplar bit, Mean Tweets, in which celebrities read negative and condescending remarks aimed at them by Twitter users.