Jimmy Kimmel Explains Trump's Latest "Alternative Facts," 'Schoolhouse Rock!'-Style

"I'm just a lie, yes I'm only a lie ..."

Jimmy Kimmel is taking it upon himself to explain the Trump administration to the kids.

On Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live! the host introduced an animated video in the style of Schoolhouse Rock!, parodying the famous song "I'm Just a Bill" in order to explain President Donald Trump's rhetoric and what he called "the new American way."

"We are now living in a world of alternative facts. The president makes statements every day that aren't necessarily based in truth, which is frustrating to some people and confusing to others, especially young people," explained Kimmel.

So he "took a cue from Schoolhouse Rock!" to explain "how it all works."

In the video, an animated boy meets a Lie sitting on the steps of the White House. Breaking into song, of course, the Lie explains, "I'm just a lie, yes I'm only a lie. I'm so untrue, I just want to cry."

"I just popped out of the president's brain, and the very idea of me is completely insane."

When the boy worries he'll get sick, the Lie winks: "Don't worry, Trumpcare is gonna be great!"

Watch the video below.