'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Asks Kids to Reveal the Worst Thing They've Ever Done to Their Dads

Prank calls, drugs, cursing and general mischief abounded in the Father's Day special clip.

Jimmy Kimmel celebrated Father's Day by asking sons and daughters to reveal the worst thing they've ever done — to their dads. The results were amusing, especially in watching the parents react.

"I've gotten chased by not the police, but the security guard at the mall," said one young girl. "I've gotten chased multiple times." Her father couldn't believe it. "Oh my God!" he proclaimed.

One little boy admitted he prank called different stores with his friend and told them "What's up vanilla biscuit" and "I think I pooped."

Children and young adults admitted to a variety of "worst things" including using the 'F' word and walking home ten miles after being drunk. The big finale was with one father whose six children admitted to grievances ranging from eating mushrooms to selling his dad's earbuds online.

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