Jimmy Kimmel Forced to Flee South Pacific Due to Earthquake, Tsunami


Asked how scared he was on a scale of 1-10, he Tweets, “A good solid 7.”

So much for a relaxing vacation.

Jimmy Kimmel was forced to flee the South Pacific Friday after a 8.9 magnitude earthquake and Tsunami rocked Japan.
“Suddenly, relaxing on an island in the South Pacific isn’t so relaxing anymore,” he first Tweeted early Friday morning.  “Good thing I brought my aqua stilts.” 
Later, when asked how scared he was on a scale of 1-10, he wrote, “A good solid 7. on a small island, with no high ground.”
As fans relayed their worries, he Tweeted, “Thanks again for the concern — I am now worried others will worry if I don’t tweet — but if I don’t, don’t.”
He then updated that he is fleeing the region: “We are evacuating the island. dogspeed.”