Jimmy Kimmel Says Goodbye to Ben Carson With 'Goodnight Ben' Children's Book

"Goodnight lion, goodnight crab, goodnight friend he tried to stab."

Ben Carson likely is dropping out of the presidential race, and to honor his campaign, Jimmy Kimmel treated late-night viewers to a reading of a new children's book he created called "Goodnight Ben."

Kimmel said Carson's suspension of his campaign is a shame because "America needs a sleepy president." The late-night host said he wanted to make sure Carson is remembered by the next generation, and he took out his new Goodnight Moon-inspired children's book, complete with drawings of Carson in pajamas.

"Goodnight lion, goodnight crab, goodnight friend he tried to stab," read Kimmel. He then made reference to three of the remaining presidential candidates: Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

"Say goodnight and go to bed," he said, "Make room for Marco, make room for Ted."

Kimmel concluded with the line, "Goodnight America, 'cause here comes Trump."