'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s' Guillermo Does Tequila Shots With Stars on the Oscars Red Carpet

Charlize Theron Drinking Tequila at the Oscars — H 2016

He had a special "Eskimo kiss" for Charlize Theron.

Before Jimmy Kimmel hosted his post-Oscars live show, his sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez was stationed on the red carpet, where he talked to a number of celebs and did tequila shots with them.

"I'm going to talk to famous people and get drunk," the Jimmy Kimmel Live! star said at the beginning of his red-carpet odyssey, which aired on Monday episode. He chatted with Kevin Hart about their suits — Hart's from Dolce & Gabbana and Guillermo's from Target — and asked Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley how Chewbacca smells. (Answer: "He smells fresh.")

Armed with a bottle of "Academy A-Water," otherwise known as tequila, Guillermo asked multiple celebrities to do shots with him. Bryan Cranston, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher and more were all up to the task. 

Quantico's Priyanka Chopra seemed surprised when the drink was "really tequila," although the Oscars presenter did say she wanted some "liquid courage." In addition to drinking with Guillermo, Charlize Theron gave him a hug and an "Eskimo kiss."

In typical Jimmy Kimmel fashion, all Matt Damon got was a shouting match about being a loser. Watch below.